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MM+M 2023 Rare Disease Agency of the Year Award Logo and text
Havas Life Rare featured artwork on wall inside office

Havas Life Rare is the premier commercialization and marketing partner for orphan drugs and rare disease markets.

In a setting where natural history, diagnosis, care pathways, awareness, and access are almost always underdeveloped, it takes rigorous strategic thinking, deep medical knowledge, and extensive rare disease commercial experience to navigate the right path forward.

Our strategic advisory team brings unrivalled depth and breadth of experience navigating pivotal moments across a rare disease product or portfolio’s life cycle —

from early commercial analysis and insight development, advocacy and community engagement strategy, scientific platform, and brand development through LOE. Whether for disease state education or promotional advertising, our creative team transforms the complex science of rare diseases and life-changing therapies into powerful campaigns and brand experiences for HCPs, patients, and caregivers.

Find out how our strategic advisory team and creative agency capabilities shape brands that positively alter the health trajectory for people impacted by rare diseases.

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What we’re up to lately

World Orphan Drug Congress (WOD), USA

April 23-25, 2024

Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Boston, MA

We are proud to be a Platinum sponsor of the 2024 WOD Congress, the world’s most important orphan drug and rare disease event!

Our managing director, Kristin Marvin-Keller, will be monitoring a panel, “Commercializing cell and gene therapies for rare diseases.” Follow our social channels to keep up-to-date on the conference.

2024 BIO International Convention

June 3-6, 2024

San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA

We hope to see many of you there!

RARE Patient Advocacy Summit

September 26-27, 2024

Loews Kansas City Hotel, Kansas City, MO

We are a member of Global Genes and its RARE Corporate Alliance, a partnership of rare disease industry stakeholders committed to forging and supporting collaboration between industry and patient communities. As part of our commitment to patients with rare disease, we will be attending the Alliance’s patient advocacy summit this fall.

“Empathy is creativity in motion.”

- Kam Redlawsk, artist living with a rare disease

We are proud to showcase the work of Kam Redlawsk on our walls at Havas Life Rare. Kam illustrates moments from her life living with a rare disease known as GNE myopathy since the age of 20. Kam’s moving portrayals serve to connect us personally to the struggles, triumphs, and journeys of the rare disease community. Every day, Kam’s art fuels our passion for human purpose and the promise of high science to give patients the answers they deserve.